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The moringa tree is native to tropical and subtropical regions and is described as a “miracle tree” for its many benefits. It is fast growing yet sustainable and can be used medicinally and as a food source. Its leaves are rich with nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The tree is drought tolerant, can be used as a fertilizer, livestock feed, and to clarify water. Because of its life giving benefits in many regions where marginalized people are found, we chose to name our business to reflect the same concept. We focus on elevating the forgotten by extending economic opportunities in the western marketplace to artisans who have traditional skills using local materials. Our goal is to provide sustainable employment so our artisans and their families can be healthy and thrive.

MORINGA began out of the belief that the ability to work for a living, sustainable wage is the right of every human being. We believe that we can use commerce to showcase traditional artisan skills and materials and create a marketplace for artisans around the world. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the transformative economic opportunities that good design and increased commerce creates for artisans.  Our roots are based in the hope and goal of creating as many jobs as possible for artisans from around the world in order to bring an end to poverty.

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