We believe in connecting our artisan communities with opportunities through program development and marketplace accessibility.  We support our buyers through attentive customer service to meet specific retail needs and bring quick solutions.



We believe every object and action of beauty is worth celebrating.  We fulfill this belief through telling stores that focus on hope, hosting events to celebrate and share the beauty of the MORINGA brand, and taking time to reflect on the milestones achieved in our artisans' lives as well as the lives of our staff and company.



We believe every problem has a creative solution. We focus on what is positive and boldly move forward striving to change chaos into beauty.  We design unique products from quality materials that serve a deeper purpose because we believe this is a creative way to bring transformation to individuals and communities.



We believe the shopping experience should benefit all involved, not just the brand or end consumer. We utilize the local resources of the artisans and recycled materials as much as possible.  Our pricing structure ensures fair compensation for the artisans, a safe and culturally respectful work environment for them to thrive in, and sustainability of our business to maximize the number of artisans we can work with.


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