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Brand Ambassador Program

MyFight Ambassador Program
Our heart is to use our business to battle alongside women around the world who are —in every way— capable, hard-working, and talented, but are struggling to maintain their jobs, make fair wages, and grow into the leaders God made them to be due to situations they cannot control. Our Brand Ambassador Program is an opportunity to join the fight and inspire others to do the same. 
  1. Join our ambassador community and earn a 15% commission for every purchase made with your link.
  2. An exclusive discount code for 50% off your personal orders. 
  3. Commissions paid out weekly.
  4. Post at least 1 MyFight dedicated post to your social media monthly to participate.
  5. Start impacting the lives of our artisans through sharing your passion for MyFight! 
Follow this link to apply for our MyFight Brand Ambassador Program! 

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