MyFight exists to support female entrepreneurs, celebrate beauty, and provide a marketplace community for those who live a “simply ethical” lifestyle. We create modern designs rooted in traditional artisan skills and materials.

Crafted by the strength of women

Every bead of Moringa jewelry is hand crafted using traditional skills from artisans in Ethiopia. Recycled brass is melted down and forged into beads. There are many steps in the production process, including coating select beads with reclaimed silver and copper, giving each one a uniqueness of its own. These beads are sent to the artisans in the capital city of Addis Ababa to string into beautifully finished designs. The women in our partnership have lived through tremendous hardship such as poverty and disease, but are now able to rise above the stigma which once held them down. Your purchases provide a safe, sustainable work environment, and on-site health care for these women and their families.


Sustained by the beauty in you

We celebrate beauty in all forms wherever we can find it; Whether that is in the physical beauty of a conquering woman who reflects her history and heritage with confidence, found materials that are re-designed to bring adornment or function to our everyday lives, a sunset, a flower, or the beauty inside each of our customers that has joined us in the journey of living a life that's simply ethical.  

As a community, we have the opportunity to elevate the forgotten by purchasing products that blend modern design with artisan traditions. We could not sustain this work without your support.


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