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Falling for Ethical Leather

Posted on 01 September 2020

This year, we are proud to announce the return of our cognac leather products. COVID has presented its challenges to us all, and for the artisan leather workshop we partner with in Ethiopia, those challenges have looked like a variety of business obstacles. We stay in close contact with the workshops we partner with via online communication. A recent message from Eden, the owner and manager of Chiban Leather, said this:

“We had an internet shut down for three weeks and there was some unrest in the city, but we are all safe and back to work. We don’t know what the future brings but we’re hopeful it will get better. Work is back, but since we are still in a COVID state of emergency, some of our employees are suffering from transportation issues. We are able to provide a van service for most of them so that is nice. How are you? Thank you for thinking and praying for us. We feel the support and we are very thankful.”

Those messages we hold near and dear to our heart. We are grateful for technology and that we are able to stay connected to the artisan women we work with in order to continue to pray for them, support them, and love them. While the transportation obstacle has made it difficult for the 25+ employees to get to the workshop, it’s also made it difficult for them to retrieve certain leather colors. We purchase the leather up front so the leather workshop is not out of those financial resources while they are crafting our bags, card cases, etc. Since MyFight’s genesis, we have featured our classic leather colors: caramel, gray, black, and blue. We occasionally had some Cognac Square Totes in stock, but it wasn’t always available for the artisans in Ethiopia to access. We were so excited when we heard that Eden had received a roll of cognac leather into her shop and that we would be able to order a few of our bags (including some new additions!) in this beautiful color.

So that being said, with fall coming up on our heels fast, make sure to get your rich, warm cognac leather bag before they’re gone! While you’re headed to work with your tote bag in hand, please continue to pray for Eden and the other artisans we partner with in Ethiopia and India. Please continue to share their story and help sustain their jobs by sharing the mission of MyFight with others. And, as always, thank you for joining the fight.  #herfightismyfight

Fall Blessings,

MyFight Team

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