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Posted on 01 January 2020

Our heart here at MyFight is to connect you, our faithful customer, to her, the woman living in circumstances of poverty around the world who, despite her situation, has a sustainable job and source of income by making MyFight necklaces, earrings, purses, wallets, you name it. We believe there are marketplace solutions to the world's problems and, from this belief, we are dedicated to staying in business to continue creating opportunities, hope, and change for women around the world. 

We are so grateful for what 2019 had for us but we are even more expectant, excited, and hopeful for what 2020 will bring. In this new decade, we are jumpstarting a monthly blog that will feature artisan spotlights and updates; new stores, loyal customers, and business ventures; and hopes and dreams for MyFight as we work to meet the needs of the artisans we work with. We hope this blog will be a way to make the bridge of connection feel a little less distant; a little less multi-continental. The women we work with are real people with real problems, real dreams, real hopes, real fears, real battles, and real realities. We don't define ourselves any differently. Bottom line: we are all human, and this is the foundation of our brand. Her Fight Is MyFight. 

During the last stretch of 2019, MyFight traveled and did pop-up shops, holiday markets, and weekend shows. We met so many great new friends and were blown away by everyone's generous support. During that time, it became clear there weren't many who understood our business model and how MyFight differs from many sustainable fashion companies. For this first blog, we thought that'd be a good place to start.

MyFight is not another "30% of the profits go to so-and-so" company or non-profit. No, MyFight is in the business to help sustain jobs, cultivate opportunity, and fan the flame of dreams for women around the world. We do that by purchasing our products up-front just like any other for-profit business. The artisans are guaranteed their money whether or not a piece sells. We like this model because well, to be quite blunt, we have a back-up plan and many of the women we work with do not. The extreme poverty in Ethiopia, for instance, creates one obstacle, but the fact that many of the women we work with are HIV positive creates another. In some of the smaller villages, there is still a great deal of superstition surrounding how HIV is contracted. The lack of education combined with the negative social connotations around the disease makes sustaining jobs -- even selling handmade products at the market -- extremely difficult. That beings said, we purchase everything up front to help provide some stability for women and families who manage to live life everyday in unstable circumstances. MyFight is so grateful to have the opportunity to leverage our thriving American economy to help our sisters in Ethiopia and India. The business exists, in short, to use marketplace solutions to battle alongside women battling poverty around the world. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. Our long term goal is so much bigger than just stable jobs, but what does it look like for these women to have healthcare, childcare, education opportunities, and more? What does it look like for these women who are, just like you and me, made in the image and likeness of God, equipped to walk out their dreams, strengths, skills and potential? We trust that God will lead us in 2020 by opening doors, providing partners like you to join the fight with us, and ultimately, using MyFight as a business to love others like He loves us. 

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MyFight Team


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