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2020 Vision

Posted on 01 February 2020

The first month of 2020 is officially behind us (what in the world, time goes by fast!), and as we look forward to the rest of the year, we wanted to take some time to share our vision with you for MyFight in 2020. We share this with open hands and the understanding that anything can change because this is God’s company; not ours. We are unapologetically surrendered to Jesus as our the Lord of our lives and our business. He has given us the provision, guidance, and opportunity to get us to where we are now and we trust He will continue doing so for his glory. 

That being said, we are prayerfully taking the next steps toward growth in faith. We want this business to be centered around creating marketplace solutions to poverty so we may love God and love others well — really well. Now, what is “poverty” and who are the “poor?” Well the poor by definition are those “lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society” (Oxford). We understand the lack of sufficient money can be caused by a number of variables, however, the one variable that sparked our business and continues to be our focus is the lack of access to a steady, growing economy. The manufacturers that we currently work with in Ethiopia and India are submerged in unstable, unpredictable economies. The result? Poverty. Now, again, we are aware there is much more that goes into circumstances of poverty. Lack of access to health care, clean water, food supply, etc. are other crucial barriers that result in severe circumstances of poverty around the world. There are other more “quiet” barriers that can create an atmosphere for poverty to grow as well. For instance, one of our manufacturers in Ethiopia only hires women who are HIV positive because, in the area, it has become a significant social obstacle for women trying to make a living, sustain their jobs, feed their families, and grow into the leaders that God made them to be. Their business is designed to overcome this health/social obstacle (many Ethiopian employers will not employ HIV positive women due to the negative social connotation that still surrounds the disease) that is fueling the fire of poverty for the women they employ. Similarly, our goal is to use MyFight as a tool to help overcome the lack of access to a stable economy and market for women across the world who are battling circumstances of poverty. 

So how do we achieve our goal? With your help! We are leveraging our thriving American economy and consumer market to help our sisters sustain their jobs, have a secure income, and grow both financially, personally, and spiritually. By purchasing products directly from these manufactures up front, we are able to guarantee their money at purchase. In other words, these products are not on consignment. It isn’t a “__% of the profits go back to…” sort of situation. We want to honor and dignify the artisans we work with by recognizing and defending the truth that they and their products are worthy; worthy of our time, our business, and our money. Their products can compete in the western market! They can be successful. They are capable of working hard and making a steady income. They are talented, gifted, smart, and equal. They are not less-than because of their circumstances; no, they are God’s masterpiece and He has created them anew in Christ Jesus, so they can do the good things he planned for them long ago (Ephesians 2:10). 

To break it down, we are cultivating a western marketplace through MyFight. We are using this business as a platform so these women who lack access to a thriving economy can now have access; can now have an opportunity to succeed with the talent and gifts God gave them. What’s our job then? To be honest, we just want to get out of the way. We want to help these women grow by advocating for them, encouraging them, and fighting to give them opportunity, hope, and a future by using our position as an American business to love

In 2020, we would love to expand our reach. We would love to offer a MyFight marketplace to others either in a country we currently work with or one that we haven’t worked in yet. Would you join us in prayer that God would lead us to the next group of women who need opportunity, security, and hope? And if you’re willing, would you share MyFight with a friend this week? Share the story, the products, the vision with a coworker, family member, a local retail store who should carry MyFight products, your social media platform, etc.? We appreciate each of you who are battling poverty alongside us. #herfightisourfight

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MyFight Team


Artisan Spotlight:

We want to help connect you to our great artisans! This month, meet Mekdes Beyene, a woman employed at one of the two manufacturers we purchase from in Ethiopia. 

“I came to Entoto Mountain 11 years ago. I found out that I had the virus after my husband died. I left my three children to live with relatives because I was unable to raise them alone. Since I started making jewelry, it has become my source of income. My children and I got a chance to live a happy life together.”

Thank you for helping sustain Mekdes job by purchasing from and supporting MyFight.

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